The Stokowski Concert Collection

Postage & Payment


1-2 CDs/DVDs

1.50 Euros

3-4 CDs/DVDs

2.20 Euros

5 or more CDs/DVDs 4.30 Euros
1-5 CDs/DVDs

3.00 Euros

6-9 CDs/DVDs 6.00 Euros
10 or more CDs/DVDs

8.00 Euros

Outside Europe
1-5 CDs/DVDs


6-9 CDs/DVDs

12.00  Euros

10 or more CDs/DVDs

15.00 Euros

Payment can be made by postal order, international money order,
bank transfer, cash, cheque or credit card via PayPal.

Make payments with PayPal - it's fast, free and secure!

For international money orders, foreign checks or bank
drafts please add 12.00 Euros for bank fees.

If you can not obtain Euros in your country, you can pay in your
currency. Please contact me for details.