Stokowski's own book

Music For All of Us Music for all of us
Simon and Schuster, New York 1943
340 p.

An easy to understand introduction to all aspects of musical theory - from harmony to electroacoustics. Unfortunately never reprinted and therefore hard to find. Try perhaps second hand book dealers like or



Abram Chasins: Leopold Stokowski

Chasins, Abram

Leopold Stokowski
Da Capo Press, New York 1979
ISBN 0-306-80146-9
313 p.



Oliver Daniel: Stokowski

Daniel, Oliver

Leopold Stokowski - A Counterpoint of View
Dodd, Mead & Company, New York 1982
ISBN 0-396-07936-9
1090 p.

The standard work for all Stokowski enthusiasts. Very comprehensive and detailed. Unfortunately out of print.



Oliver Daniel: Stokowski

Haffner, Herbert

Genie oder Scharlatan? Das aufregende Leben des Leopold Stokowski
Parthas Verlag 2009
ISBN 978-3869640136
380 p.



Preben Opperby: Leopold Stokowski

Opperby, Preben

Leopold Stokowski
UK: Midas Books, Tunbridge Wells 1982
ISBN 0-859-36253-1
USA:Hippocrene Books, New York 1982
ISBN 0-882-54658-9
288 p.



Robinson: Stokowski

Robinson, Paul

Macdonald and Jane`s, London 1977
ISBN 0-354-04232-7
154 p.

Contains the most comprehensive discography of all biographies



Smith: The Mystery of Leopold Stokowski

Smith, William Ander

The Mystery of Leopold Stokowski
Associated University Press, Cranbury, London, Toronto 1990
ISBN 0-838-63362-5
289 p.
contains a commented discography



Hunt: Leopold Stokowski

Hunt, John

Leopold Stokowski: Discography & Concert Register
John Hunt, 1996
ISBN 0 9525827 5 9
275 p.
Compiled in collaboration with The Leopold Stokowski Society. Copies availabe from: John Hunt, Flat 6, 37 Chester Way, London SE11 4UR.

The most comprehensive printed discography. Excellent register of most of Stokowski's concerts. 



Johnson, Edward (ed.)

Stokowski - Essays in Analysis of His Art
Edward Johnson, 1973
114 p.


Hunt: Leopold Stokowski

Smith, Rollin

Stokowski and the Organ
Pendragon Press, 2004
ISBN: 1576471039

A very detailed and well-investigated book about Stokowski, the organist, enriched with many pictures and interesting documents. The extensive appendix lists among other things Stokowski's organ repertoire and organ recitals performed by Stokowski (which indicate already a certain affinity to the orchestra - a pity that these were not recorded!), as well as the complete scores of four choral works by Stokowski. An invaluable source of information, not only for organ lovers!