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Archive 1997-1998


A 12 CD set from the New York Philharmonic, "The Mahler Broadcasts 1948-82", features the following Stokowski recording:
Symphony No.8
Carlos Alexander / Eugene Conley / Frances Yeend / Martha Lipton / George London / Uta Graf / Camilla Williams / Louise Bernhardt / Westminster Choir / Schola Cantorum / Boys' Choir from P.S. No.12 / Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra New York, rec. live 09/04/50
NYP 9801/12


Symphony No.7
Britten: The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra
BBC Symphony Orchestra, rec. live 23/07/63
de Falla: El amor brujo
Gloria Lane / BBC Symphony Orchestra, rec. live 15/09/64
IMG BBCL 4005-2



Brahms: Symphony No.1
London Symphony Orchestra, rec. live 14/06/72
Wagner: "Meistersinger" Prelude
London Symphony Orchestra, rec. live 15/06/72
Decca POCL-9888
available in Japan only



Franck: Symphony in d minor
Hilversum Radio Symphony Orchestra, rec. 24,25/08/70
Elgar: Enigma Variations
Czech Philharmonic Orchestra, rec. live 07/09/72
Decca POCL-9889
available in Japan only



Beethoven: Symphony No.5
Schubert: Symphony No.8
London Philharmonic Orchestra, rec. 09,10/09/69
Decca POCL-90011
available in Japan only



Ives: Orchestral Set No.2
Messiaen: L'Ascension
London Symphony Orchestra, rec. 22,23/06/70
Decca POCL-90013
available in Japan only



Mozart: Sinfonia concertante E flat major KV 297b
Marcel Tabuteau, oboe / Bernard Portnoy, clarinet / Sol Schoenbach, bassoon / Mason Jones, horn / Philadelphia Orchestra, rec. 22/12/40
Beethoven: Symphony No.6
New York City Symphony Orchestra, rec. 22/02/45
Cala CACD 0523
produced in association with



Rimski-Korsakov: Scheherazade
Philharmonia Orchestra, rec. 05/01, 23/05/51
Stravinsky: Petrouchka
Leopold Stokowski Symphony Orchestra, rec. 30/06, 05/07/50
Testament SBT 1139



Peter and the Wolf op.67
Basil Rathbone, narr. / All-American Youth Orchestra, rec. 07/41
Saint-Saëns: Carnaval des animaux
Jeanne Behrend & Sylvan Levin, pianos / Philadelphia Orchestra, rec. 27/11/39 (except "Aquarium", "Personnages à longues oreilles" and "Le coucou au fond des bois", played by Jeanne Behrend & Joseph Levine, pianos, conducted by Saul Caston, rec. 15/03/41)

+Britten: The Young Person's Guide to the Orchestra
Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra / Malcolm Sargent, rec. 25/10/46
+Bizet: Jeux d'enfants op.22
London Philharmonic Orchestra / Antal Dorati, rec. 17/09/37
Avid AMSC 601
"In the clarity and reality of 3-Dimensional Sound"



First Wide Frequency Range and Stereo Recordings
Berlioz: Le carnaval romain
Mendelssohn: Scherzo from Midsummernight's Dream
Mussorgski/Ravel: Pictures at an exhibition (excerpts)
Wagner: Vorspiel & Liebestod from "Tristan und Isolde"
Scriabin: Symphony No.5 - Prométhée (excerpts)
Weber/Berlioz: Aufforderung zum Tanz
Philadelphia Orchestra, rec. 1931-32
Iron Needle IN 1402
These early HiFi recordings made by the Bell Telephone Laboratories represent Stoki's ever lasting interest in technical improvement and are of an astonishing quality. They give a good impression of how Stoki's Philadelphia Sound "really" was. This disc contains only a selection of all recordings made.



Wagner Conductors on Record
Among recordings of Sir Thomas Beecham, Leo Blech, Artur Bodanzky, Albert Coates, Wilhelm Furtwängler, Otto Klemperer, Hans Knappertsbusch, Karl Muck, Fritz Reiner, Max von Schillings, Richard Strauss, Arturo Toscanini, Siegfried Wagner, Bruno Walter and Felix Weingartner, this 2 CD box contains a small unpublished take of Stokowski's recording of the "Götterdämmerung" finale of 06/01/27.
Pearl GEMS 0024



Symphony No.3
National Philharmonic Orchestra, rec. 28,30/04,01/05/75
EMI 5 66759 2
Extremely rare material in splendid sound. Earlier issues on Desmar and Telefunken LPs (see discography).


Vaughan Williams: Fantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis
Dvorak: Serenade for Strings
Purcell / Stokowski: "When I am Laid in Earth" from "Dido and Aeneas"
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, rec. 16,18,19/08/75

EMI 5 66760 2
see EMI 5 66759 2 for comment



Liszt: Les Préludes, rec. 09/12/47
Sibelius: The Swan of Tuonela, rec. 11/12/47
Tchaikovsky: The Sleeping Beauty (Suite), rec. 11-14/12/47
The Leopold Stokowski Symphony Orchestra
Cala CACD 0522
produced in association with THE LEOPOLD STOKOWSKI SOCIETY



Sibelius: Symphony No.4, rec. 23/04/32
Berceuse from "The Tempest", rec. 07/11/37
+ Sibelius: Symphony No.1 / Ormandy, rec. 1941
Philadelphia Orchestra
Biddulph WHL 062


Tchaikovsky: Symphony No.4
Scriabin/Stokowski: Etude cis-Moll op.2,1
American Symphony Orchestra, rec 04/71
Vanguard 08 6162 71
Re-incarnation of Vanguard's earlier release. Now at budget price.


Symphony No.1
The Swan of Tuonela
National Philharmonic Orchestra, rec.11/76
+ Symphony No.2 (NYP / Thomas Schippers, rec. 09/04/63)
+ Violin Concerto (Zino Francescatti / NYP / Leonard Bernstein, rec.15/01/63)
+ Finlandia (LSO / Richard Hickox, rec.02/88)
+ Valse triste (Philadelphia Orchestra / Eugene Ormandy, rec.25/01/59)
+ Karelia Suite (Philadelphia Orchestra / Eugene Ormandy, rec.24/02/68)
Sony SB2K 63260 (2 CDs)


Tragic Overture
National Philharmonic Orchestra, rec. 05/04/77
+ Symphonies No.1 & 2, Haydn Variations (Philadelphia Orchestra / Eugene Ormandy)
Sony SB2K 63287 (2 CDs)
BEWARE: Although Stokowski's name is featured as big as Ormandy's on the cover, the 11 minute Tragic Overture is the only Stokowski recording on this 2 disc set! Why they haven't included Stoki's superb Symphony No.2 instead of Ormandy's will remain Sony Classical's secret forever.  


Percy Grainger in Performance
incl. Grieg: Piano Concerto
Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra, rec. 15/07/45
(don't know the complete content yet)
Music & Arts CD-1002
What's going on with this recording? First announced by Michael G. Thomas on Archive Documents ADCD 2003, it came at the same time on Biddulph LHW 041 - and now on Music & Arts. Strange, strange strange...


Wagner: The Ring Of The Nibelung - Excerpts
Agnes Davis, Lawrence Tibbett, Frederick Jagel / Philadelphia Orchestra, rec. 1929-1939
Grammofono 2000 AB 78766/7
I haven't heard this CD yet, but since I made the experience that most Grammofono releases are of comparatively bad sound quality, I would recommend to buy Pearl's alternative issue GEMM CDS 9076 instead.


Cowell: Persian Set
Goeb: Symphony No.3
Ben Weber: Symphony on Poems of William Blake
Leopold Stokowski Symphony Orchestra, rec.1952
Citadel CTD 88123


Prokofiev: Peter and the Wolf
Captain Kangaroo (Bob Keeshan), narrator / Stadium Symphony Orchestra, rec. 1959
Amirov: Aserbaijan Mugam
Houston Symphony Orchestra, rec.03/59
Mazurka No.13 a minor op.17,4
Prelude No.24 d minor op.28,24
Waltz No.7 c sharp minor op.64,2
Houston Symphony Orchestra, rec. 04/60
Everest EVC 9048


Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No.2
Artur Rubinstein / Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra, rec. 09/45
Grieg: Piano Concerto, rec. 15/07/45 (live)
Grainger: In A Nutshell, rec. 21/07/46 (live)
Percy Grainger / Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra
Biddulph LHW 041
Rachmaninoff previously unpublished. The Grieg appeared before on LP: International Piano Archives IPA 508. It's here in a surprisingly good sound. This and "In A Nutshell" are the identical recordings from Archive Documents ADCD 2003 (see below).


Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No.2
Sergei Rachmaninoff / Philadelphia Orchestra, rec. 10,13/04/29
+Rachmaninoff: Piano Concerto No.3 / Horowitz / LSO / cond. Albert Coates
Biddulph LHW 036
Contains previously unpublished alternative tracks for the Second Concerto.


Vaughan Williams: Fantasia on a theme by Thomas Tallis
Wagner: Siegfried-Idyll
Schönberg: Verklärte Nacht
Symphony of the Air, rec. 17/11/60 (in the Library of Congress)
Bridge 9074
This disc consists of the identical recordings from the earlier CD CLC-2, published by The Library of Congress. For further information, please contact


The New York Philharmonic Orchestra has just released a 10 CD set
The Historic Broadcasts 1923 to 1987
which contains one Stokowski recording:
Mendelssohn: Symphony No.3 - "Scottish"
New York Philharmonic, rec. 26/10/47
NYP 9701


A Grainger/Stokowski Collaboration
Grieg: Piano Concerto, rec. 15/07/45
Grainger: In a Nutshell, rec. 21/07/46
Grainger: Danish Folk Song Suite, rec. 21/07/46
Percy Grainger / Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra (live)
Archive Documents ADCD 2003
The two Grainger works are mis-dated on the back cover to 15/07/45.

For purchase, please contact:
Michael G. Thomas
5A Norfolk Place
London W2 1QN
Phone +44 171 723 4935


Symphonic Transcriptions:
Passacaglia & Fugue c minor, BWV 582
Komm' süßer Tod, BWV 478
Bourrée from English Suite No.2, BWV 582
Sarabande from Violin Partita b minor, BWV 1002
Ein' feste Burg ist unser Gott from Kantata BWV 80
Shepherd's Song from Christmas Oratorio, BWV 248
Little Fugue g minor, BWV 578
Air on the G string from Orchestral Suite No.3, BWV 1068
rec. 05,07,11,26/02/58
Mein Jesu, was für Seelenweh, BWV 487
Preludio from Violin Partita No.3, BWV 1006
rec. 15-17/08/57
Toccata & Fugue d minor, BWV 565
rec. 15/02/57
Leopold Stokowski Symphony Orchestra
EMI 7243 5 66385 2
New remasterings from EMI's FDS series. Slightly better sound than earlier CD issues. Toccata & Fugue very much improved.


The Stokowski Stereo Collection
RCA/BMG 09026-68443-2 (14 CDs)
click here for details...


Stokowski - A Russian Concert
Tchaikovsky: Nutcracker Suite
Philadelphia Orchestra, rec. 26/11/34
Ippolitov-Ivanov: In the Manger
Philadelphia Orchestra, rec. 22/10/34
Glazunov: Danse Orientale from "Scènes de ballet"
Philadelphia Orchestra, rec. 02/05/27
Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade
Philadelphia Orchestra, rec. 08/10, 12/11/34
Cala CACD 0521
produced in association with THE LEOPOLD STOKOWSKI SOCIETY